Birth of a Blog

I suppose this post is equal parts introduction and disclaimer.


For years now, essentially since I came out as a self-proclaimed “film buff”, people have asked me if I write reviews on the movies I watch. The lingering impression I got from those interactions was the almost palpable disappointment when I answered in the negative. I didn’t really have a particularly strong or well-thought-out reason to not write reviews except for the crippling, irrational fear of analytical/critical writing that I developed throughout my high school and college careers. Oh, right.

In any case, I felt I was doing myself and those precious few who value my opinion a disservice by shirking my duties as a well-watched citizen. At first, I thought about doing the reviews as part of my ongoing vlog but figured there was no way I’d be able to adequately express myself extemporaneously… since I unfortunately don’t have access to a teleprompter. Then I figured taking the more traditional approach of writing the reviews might be more suitable. And because being the sole contributor to a blog seemed like too much of pressure, I reached out to my buddy and fellow cinephile Kelvin H. No, that’s too obvious… let’s say K. Ho.

This is almost verbatim how the conversation went:

JV: Hey yo brah, u wanna write movie reviews for whatever?

KH: Sounds dope.

After hours of hand-wringing, we landed on “Flim Crickets” for the blog’s title. Upon further consideration, we probably should have let that stew some more.


KH is a legitimate amateur critic. He had a movie review blog in the past and had legions of followers (I imagine). At the time of publishing, I still have not actually read any of his reviews but I assume that they’re going to be much deeper and analytical than the stuff I put out. I think having that contrast between our styles is going to help keep things lively here. Also, this is my (not so) subtle attempt to make excuses for what I fear may be my inadequate (at least by comparison) reviews.

I wrote my first movie review ever a couple nights ago and found it something of a challenge trying to keep it relatively spoiler-free. If you’ve ever spoken to me about movies, there’s a good chance you know how incredibly spoiler sensitive I am. There are few things I find as frustrating as knowing just about anythingabout the movie in advance (directors, lead actors and a single, lean sentence about the plot excluded). It’s actually almost just as important to me that people go into a movie knowing as little as possible. With that in mind, I will do as much as I can to keep juicy plot details out of the reviews without murdering my ability to cobble together a series of cogent and coherent thoughts. On those rare occasions where I feel I have to spoil something, I will prepare the way with a clear and unmistakable warning. There’s a really good chance you don’t care as much as I do… but it is what it is. Golden Rule, ya know?

So yeah. I hope you enjoy what we have to say about whatever movies we feel like talking about… it’ll be fun times.

– Joju Varghese, editor-in-chief (lol)

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