Life Itself (2014) – Steve James

WARNING: The following pseudo-review consists of a largely rambling mess of possibly incoherent reflections. It has been divided into two parts. Read beyond the score for more. ACKNOWLEDGMENT: I’m aware that the preceding warning is hardly enticing… but I’d rather you not read this post than read it and be annoyed that you spent your […]

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Citizenfour (2014) – Laura Poitras

In the fifth century B.C., a Roman farmer was appointed the dictator of Rome to defend the city against attacks from the Aequi and the Sabines. After defeating the enemies, he promptly and willingly relinquished his political throne and returned back to the farm. He symbolized the “model of civic virtue” for serving the public […]

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Selma (2014) – Ava DuVernay

In Selma’s most iconic scene, Martin Luther King Jr. is standing on the Edmund Pettus Bridge, a structure named for a former Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan. Behind him are thousands of marchers—mostly black, but some whites too—demonstrating against the suppression of African-American voter registration in Alabama. In front of King is a […]

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Foxcatcher (2014) – Bennett Miller

Director Bennett Miller’s films are distinct for its monotone visual palette, cold atmospheres, and bleak narratives. There is an ominous air that permeates through his films that reveals a sense of gravity and portent in contemporary society. Capote focuses on the brilliant literary mind of Truman Capote as well as his moral and ethical denigration […]

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