While We’re Young (2015) – Noah Baumbach

The two Noah Baumbach films I’ve seen didn’t inspire much interest in While We’re Young for me. I can remember virtually nothing of Greenberg and I vividly remember strongly disliking Frances Ha. But I also figured it could be something to do with Greta Gerwig. Knowing that she wasn’t in While We’re Young and seeing […]

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Furious 7 (2015) – James Wan

I remember how stunned I was when I first heard of Paul Walker’s passing. Later that night, I remember walking into a store and seeing ads for Furious 6’s Blu-ray release and just freezing and staring at Walker’s face. I’m somewhat surprised by how much his death affected me. He’d never been a particularly gifted […]

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Insurgent (2015) – Robert Schwentke

I went into Insurgent not having found Divergent (its predecessor) particularly interesting or good. But bearing in mind how pleasantly surprised I was with Catching Fire after being similarly unimpressed by Hunger Games, I decided to give Insurgent a fair shake (the basis for that comparison being that they’re both adaptations of young adult novels […]

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Chappie (2015) – Neill Blomkamp

I didn’t haven’t any expectations going in to see Neill Blomkamp’s directorial debut District 9 (although my hopes were up [I chose to make it my 900th viewed movie]) and I was blown away. I went into Elysium, his sophomore outing, with higher expectations and came away underwhelmed (Blomkamp has said he’d like a shot […]

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