Life Itself (2014) – Steve James

WARNING: The following pseudo-review consists of a largely rambling mess of possibly incoherent reflections. It has been divided into two parts. Read beyond the score for more. ACKNOWLEDGMENT: I’m aware that the preceding warning is hardly enticing… but I’d rather you not read this post than read it and be annoyed that you spent your […]

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Top Ten Films 2014

Unlike most critics out there who decry but still participate in arbitrary list making, I unapologetically love making top ten lists. The films on my list are chosen not merely for personal reasons. I selected films that I think are a contribution to cinema and have some societal relevance. These films push the boundaries of motion pictures. […]

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Top 10 Films

I felt way better about this year’s class of movies than last year’s… so let’s get right to it. Props to Citizen Kelvin for suggesting that we do this. Honorable Mentions: Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier So much better than the first movie. A smart, entertaining, rock-solid action movie.  Dawn of the Planet of […]

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